Boris Johnson under fire for ‘dodgy’ claim about other countries’ tracking apps : Coronavirus

The PM goes into all out attack mode as he asserts there seems to be “an effective test and follow activity”.

Boris Johnson has been blamed for making “dodgy” claims after he demanded no nation had built up a working coronavirus following application.

Boris Johnson under fire for 'dodgy' claim about other countries' tracking apps : Coronavirus

The PM hit back after concerns brought up in parliament that 66% of individuals with COVID-19 were not being gotten by the human workforce attempting to contain new cases.Labour’s Sir Keir Starmer considered it a “major issue” and said a “compelling” application was basic to facilitating lockdown.

Such an application was at first guaranteed by the beginning of June yet is currently not expected to show up until winter.

Sir Keir said the current framework was just viable when individuals realize the contact subtleties of those they have been close – not other people who they may sit close to in a recreation center or on a sea shore.


Yet, Mr Johnson inquired as to whether he could “name a solitary nation on the planet that has a working contact-following application on the grounds that there isn’t one”.

He demanded there was at that point “an extremely fruitful test and follow activity” in the UK.

The head administrator blamed restriction MPs for supporting it yesterday yet “yo-yoing back again and saying it’s sufficiently bad”.

Sir Keir shot back that Germany had a contact-following coronavirus application that has had in excess of 12 million downloads.

His representative later said it was “another case of a dodgy answer from a PM who wasn’t over the detail”.

They proceeded: “There are different nations who are a long ways in front of us. Singapore has an application, South Korea has an application.

“We have burned through £12m on an application that hasn’t been propelled. The fact of the matter is, those nations are far, a long ways in front of us as far as an application being turned out across the nation.”

Boris Johnson under fire for 'dodgy' claim about other countries' tracking apps : Coronavirus

Mr Johnson’s representative at that point explained his remarks, saying: “various nations on the planet do have applications, yet not ones that completely and dependably record everyone’s contacts such that considers exhaustive test and follow, and not such that we would dependably have the option to take choice on advising individuals to self-detach or not.”

Recently the administration let it be known had burned through £11.8m on the application that has been trialed on the Isle of Wight however not yet turned out over the UK.

Different nations with contact following applications incorporate France, Australia, Singapore and Latvia.

Sam Coates delegate political editorial manager, stated: “There is a real issue about the size of downloads that have been done in every one of those nations to imply that it has cover inclusion and along these lines sensible adequacy as far as its inclusion of the populace…

“The case that there aren’t any applications working will go under some examination for the PM.

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