Pakistani Celebrities Who are Supporting Aurat March

Pakistani Celebrities mens are fine with threatening her with rape for posting on Instagram in support of the march.

While by far most of discussions with respect to the Aurat March, scheduled for Sunday, have been sure and Celebrities there were, regardless, a couple of special cases.

Not every person it appears is coming together for the important and long late development for ladies’ privileges in Pakistan. There were, obviously, the anticipated rivals – moderate government officials and big names – and afterward there were the sudden spoilers.

Pakistani Celebrities Who are Supporting Aurat March

Here are probably the most astonishing responses to the Aurat March and the motto “mera jism, meri marzi”, which was shown on a bulletin finally year’s dissent.

Ahmed Ali Butt

The entertainer and artist in an ongoing Instagram story called the motto “a western battle which supports to make fetus removal lawful, nullify prohibition on organ deal, and make prostitution lawful.”

Butt at that point likewise demanded that his fans Google the term, which would apparently demonstrate his point. “It is dismal,” he composed that individuals are following “a subsidized development.”

We Googled it, and we are not very sure what the entertainer is alluding to.

Quratulain Balouch

Pakistani Celebrities Who are Supporting Aurat March

The artist composed on Twitter that a “genuine women’s activist gets down to work and burns through no time yelling for her ‘privileges'” (sic).Many female enthusiasts of Balouch communicated their mistake with the artist’s position via web-based networking media. One ladies reminded the vocalist that her prosperity was “based upon an establishment of ladies before you [who] battled.”

Mahira Khan

While Mahira Khan has been unequivocally strong of the Aurat March, and eagerly protected ladies who experienced harsh criticism a year ago, her solicitation to the coordinators of the March to be “cautious with their words and trademark” didn’t agree with numerous ladies.

In her Twitter post she inquired as to whether ladies could rather “hold flags of laws we might want to be instituted and those that have hurt ladies throughout the years? Don’t we need whatever number individuals as could be expected under the circumstances to comprehend why we walk?”

Pakistani Celebrities Who are Supporting Aurat March

Be that as it may, writer Farieha Aziz called attention to that “abuse has numerous structures. The benefit and rights delighted in today is the aftereffect of battle of the individuals who prompted and incited society.”Pakistani Celebrities Who are Supporting Aurat March

Khan later concurred with Aziz and composed back that she confessed to being off base.

The Aurat March coordinators have on various events clarified what the trademark “mera jism, meri marzi“means:

Pakistani Celebrities Who are Supporting Aurat March

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