Fans are praising Justin Bieber for using his new music

Justin Bieber is getting praise for spreading positivity and using his platform to give marginalized women a voice

The popular star discharged a music video on Friday for his new single, “Expectations.” While the tune is about his better half and “dream,” Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin), the video recounts to the narratives of three ladies living in Los Angeles who are confronted with monetary and enthusiastic hardships.Bahri, Marcy, and Angela are presented before Justin Bieber shows up in the clasp.


Every lady has confronted noteworthy snags — an absence of simple access to instruction, misuse and youthful parenthood, and vagrancy, separately — however is endeavoring to have a beneficial outcome on her community.The video permits every lady to disclose to her story in her own words. Bieber shows up sporadically, hitting the dance floor with kids and conveying uplifting statements.

“I hear you’re a column right now,” tells Marcy. “We as a whole need individuals like you to do what you’re doing.”

The most passionate minute in the video highlights Bahri, who rides the transport for a few hours every approach to find a good pace. She enlightens Bieber regarding her battles, and he gives her a vehicle to facilitate her commute.Along with the Migos rapper Quavo, who’s included on the tune, Bieber likewise pays for Angela to have studio time to record her hammer verse.


The video closes with a holler to Alexandria House — a sanctuary for ladies and single parents in LA that was likewise included on a scene of “Staying aware of the Kardashians” — and a declaration that Bieber’s recently settled INTENTIONS Fund has given $200,000.Despite some touchy responses to his past singles, Bieber has been entirely adulated online for the message — and, ehem, expectations — of his new video.

“I don’t care for bieber and I would rather not say this yet his new music video was entirely moving and unadulterated,” one individual composed on Twitter. “I respect that he utilized his foundation to point out mindfulness and the battles a ton of families face each day.”Others said he has an “endearing personality” and called the vocalist “unadulterated.”

Fans are praising Justin Bieber for using his new music

Fans were especially enamored with the minute when Bieber gave Bahari her new vehicle.

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