Feroze Khan Quits Showbiz, Submits to Islam

Pakistani Actor Feroze Khan has begun an Islamic excursion in the wake of leaving showbiz, his better half, Syeda Alizey revealed in her post on Instagram.

Famous Pakistani entertainer and much followed superstar Feroze Khan has declare that he is stopping showbiz. The on-screen character had as of late deactivated his Instagram account leaving fans and media astounded. The activity was trailed by theory that the entertainer has left showbiz industry. Feroze Khan had imparted an image to Maulana Tariq Jamil a year ago and his better half had as of late shared on her Insta stories wishing her significant other karma for his otherworldly excursion ahead. Anyway no announcement had been made by the entertainer.

Feroze Khan Quits Showbiz, Submits to Islam

Feroze Khan is as of now being seen in ARY Digital’s Ishqiya and has a component film Tich Button on its way. The Khanni celebrated on-screen character has an enormous fan base and they had been pondering whether the on-screen character has left the business for good.

Prior today Feroze Khan took to his Twitter handle to report that he has in truth left showbiz. He would now just degree his administrations and utilize this stage if necessary to spread message of Islam.my fans have been sitting tight for an announcement from me. I declare that I quit the showbiz business and will just act and offer my types of assistance for the educating of Islam through this stage if necessary else anything besides this InshAllah,Request all of you to petition God for me and my adored ones.

Feroze Khan Quits Showbiz, Submits to Islam

His declaration was trailed by his fans saluting him and wishing him well for the excursion ahead. A year ago entertainer Hamza Ali Abbasi had likewise declared a break from showbiz and utilize the medium to lecture Islam. He had additionally expressed that he would make content which is in lines with the lessons and constraints of Islam. Some drew relationship with Hamza Ali Abbasi’s choice also.

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