Hania Aamir Singing Along Asim Azhar

At His Concert Hania Aamir Singing Along Asim Azhar Recently

Recently at the concert in Kinnaird college Hania amir singing along Asim Azhar.The lovebirds Asim Azhar and Hania Aamir are two names that have earned a great deal of acknowledgment in a limited capacity to focus time. These two youthful stars have set up themselves in media outlets and offer a bond that appears unbreakable. Hania Aamir Singing Along Asim Azhar

Singer Asim Azhar ended the quietness on his supposed association with on-screen character Hania Aamir who is a splendid and a capable professional.Asim and Hania are spotted together regularly. The two of them have been dating for some time now yet the couple still can’t seem to make it official. They as of late strolled connected at the hip at the Fashion Pakistan Week 2019 in Karachi and captured everyone’s attention with their cuteness.He affirmed that the two of them are not kidding about one another and are in a solid relationship.

Hania Aamir Singing Along Asim Azhar

Asim Azhar went to New York for his show. His show video wherein he was warmly greeting his fans became famous online over the web. Haina got possessive and remarked ‘Hath Chor‘ which unquestionably imply that she doesn’t need anybody to see his man.

Asim and Hania are feeling the loss of one another gravely. She needs him to return as quickly as time permits.

Asim Azhar who is an artist by calling as of late performed at Kinnaird school close by our most loved Jal The Band. The occasion was facilitated by celebrated vlogger Shahveer Jafry.

The adoration for Asim Azhar’s life was available at the show to help him. In the past shows of Asim Azhar at better places the group needed Hania’s quality from a significant long time and this time she satisfied the desire of her fans.

The wonderful Hania Aamir was sitting towards the back and she was chiming in constantly. Hania Aamir was spotted getting a charge out of at her bae’s concerHania Aamir Singing Along Asim Azhar

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