Hira Mani and Salman Saqib Sheikh urge to attend PISA

Pakistani star couple Hira Mani and Salman Saqib Sheikh drop in to the Khaleej Times office and enthrall with their entertaining conversation!

The facts confirm that on-screen science tallies a ton with regards to making a hit film, yet what happens when this science is taken away screen as well? It was aww-actuating to observe the hit screen pair and genuine couple, Pakistani star couple Hira Mani and Salman Saqib Sheikh, engage us with their appeal and clever chat when they visited the Khaleej Times office yesterday.Hira Mani and Salman Saqib Sheikh urge to attend PISA

The vivacious and glad couple are in Dubai to go to the up and coming Pakistan International Screen Awards (PISA) where Mani has been selected for Best Actress (Critics) for her exhibition in the dramatization Do Bol. PISA is occurring at the Coca-Cola Arena on Friday, February 7.

Hira, obviously, is powerful excited to be named. “I feel so respected to be assigned, however my fundamental honor and prize is my fans. It feels pleasant to be remunerated for your difficult work. It has brought me so much acknowledgment. Individuals currently know me by my character’s name. For example, when I was strolling in for my meeting today, an individual from the safety crew called me (my character’s name) Gaiti from Do Bol. It felt satisfying to hear that. Winning or losing doesn’t make a difference for me, it’s the festival (PISA) that is significant,” Hira said.

Fans from the whole way across the subcontinent have adored the couple for their work on screen. “Other than Pakistan, we have such a large number of fans from India who speak with us through Instagram. Internet based life has brought the world and our fans nearer to us,” Salman included.

“Truth be told, probably the best commendations we have gotten are from our fans in India. I have such huge numbers of individuals from Mumbai interfacing with me through my pages,” said Hira.

PISA is probably the greatest pakistani film occasions to be held in Dubai. It unites the absolute best from the film, TV, design, music and different ventures.

“Such occasions make for an extraordinary open door for the organization to get together. You realize we lead occupied lives, at home and on the sets, and here at PISA, I will find the opportunity to meet a few people I have worked with, as Sara Loren who dropped into your office,” says Salman.

A regarded board of judges will choose the victors of the PISA Critics Choice honor. Hira sees herself as lucky to make it to the rundown of chosen people. “I’m so glad to get this (PISA) acknowledgment in such a limited ability to focus my vocation. I am likewise glad for the other people who have been selected with me,” said the entertainer.

On Mere Paas Tum Ho……controversyHira Mani and Salman Saqib Sheikh urge to attend PISA

Individuals adored Hira in the hit show Mere Paas Tum Ho, however it went under the scanner because of the questionable idea of the connections depicted in it. Hira, who plays an educator in the show says: “When I got the idea for Mere Paas Tum Ho, I had no clue about the story. I didn’t have a clue the amount of the show had been shot and what was left. It happened that, around then, after Do Bol, I was completely free and I was paying special mind to great contents. Simply at that point, Humayun Saeed, maker and on-screen character) called me and offered me the courageous woman’s job in Mere Paas Tum Ho, I seized the chance and when I read the content I discovered it was well-suited for me.”

Hira is an incredible worrier as per Salman. She is extraordinarily concerned and stresses over any show she’s working in. “Out of five shows Hira has played the lead in, at any rate four of them have been hits. However she whines about leaving shows to remain at home and care for the children and family! Truth be told, most time it’s something contrary to how Hira feels. At whatever point she feels a show isn’t acceptable, it proceeds to turn into a hit,” Salman giggles.

Be that as it may, Hira repudiates Salman’s evaluation. “That is not the manner in which it is. At whatever point I work in a dramatization, I don’t generally couldn’t care less or stress over it turning into a hit or lemon. Everything I do is perused the content, put on my ensemble and dive into my character, that is the only thing that is in any way important,” she says.

Hira didn’t have any foundation in film said Salman while discussing his significant other’s initial days in the business. “She didn’t have any screen understanding. She was really my fan. We used to have a show together. Until that time, I didn’t know whether she could act. What’s more, a large number of you might be keen on realizing that Hira really began her profession with comedies,” Salman clarified.

Discussing Hira’s fantasy venture, Salman allows us in on a fascinating spoiler. “Let me tell you’ll, probably the greatest dream is going to work out. I can unveil that she is showing up in a show close by Bollywood’s greatest star this March in America. In any case, I will uncover the name of the star simply after this event…” Though we can figure about who it could be, we should hold up till a conventional declaration is made.Hira Mani and Salman Saqib Sheikh urge to attend PISA

On coming to Dubai

“I have come to Dubai frequently. Dubai resembles a second home to us. We have a great deal of fans in the city – Pakistanis, Indians, even Russians. Individuals here value our work and give us loads of adoration,” says Salman

“I recall a couple of years back, we were at The Dubai Mall and there was this tall, blonde Russian lady who began yelling ‘Hira Mani, I tail you on Instagram’. I was shocked. That is the day I understood that I am really famous (outside Pakistan too). I feel exceptionally welcome in Dubai,” includes Hira.

On their PISA execution

“We will both present a demonstration together in front of an audience at the PISA function, however we haven’t arranged our daily practice so far. We’ll work that out later,” says Salman

Hira who is a sharp adherent of Bollywood stated: “I am performing just because in front of an audience. I’m an enormous aficionado of the late Bollywood entertainer Sridevi and I’ve been following her since youth. Most likely I will fuse a portion of her moves in my demonstration. I tune in to tunes by her constantly, in truth for the duration of the day.

“In the event that there is a Sridevi in Pakistan, it’s me (chuckles). You can’t get Sridevi and Salman out of my blood. Will you?”

Message for Khaleej Times

“I ask every one of our fans to turn out and bolster PISA. I don’t think there has at any point been a Pakistani occasion of this stature in Dubai previously. Spread love, unwind and chill. Try not to battle on the web, love is one of the most significant things and we couldn’t imagine anything better than to see all of you. I additionally compliment Suhail Galadari. May you advance and appreciate more achievement and prizes. Bunches of adoration to you from us.”

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