Meera denies rumors saying she lied about being stranded in New York

The on-screen character got out those spreading bogus data

Before the coronavirus lockdown around the globe and flight activities closing down, Pakistani entertainer Meera Jee traveled to the States for shooting of her up and coming film. Be that as it may, with the flare-up of the infection, circumstances changed and Meera couldn’t fly back to Pakistan according to her unique arrangement.

Meera denies rumors saying she lied about being stranded in New York

As of late, the on-screen character shared a video via web-based networking media, mentioning PM Imran Khan to assist her with coming back to Pakistan.

In any case, not long after the video came out, news spread that Meera being abandoned in NY was an untruth and truth be told, the on-screen character had been investing quality energy with her reputed spouse Captain Naveed and her parents in law.

In any case, the on-screen character again took to her internet based life to guarantee the bits of gossip circling had all been phony. In the video, Meera additionally got out those spreading bogus data.

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The entertainer expressed that it was her privilege as a Pakistani to request that the PM assist her with getting back. Meera likewise scolded individuals attempting to spread phony news.

“This isn’t an ideal opportunity to taunt or criticism individuals,” said the Baaji on-screen character.

She explained, “The Pakistan international safe haven in New York is aware of my whereabouts and I am appreciative to Council General Ayesha Ali [for her assistance so far].”

“Indeed, even yesterday around 500 individuals kicked the bucket due to coronavirus in New York, of which I am extremely frightened,” expressed Meera.

In another Instagram post, the entertainer composed that she had been feeling the loss of her home and family.

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