comedian Chris D’Elia accused of making advances toward 16-year-old girl

Chris D’Elia, an on-screen character and comic from New Jersey, is under investigation following charges of offense including a high school young lady that surfaced Tuesday night.

A lady has blamed D’Elia for making progresses toward her in 2014 and 2015, when she was 16 and he was 34.

comedian Chris D’Elia accused of making advances toward 16-year-old girl

Simone Rossi posted screen captures of messages she says D’Elia sent her as a feature of a Twitter string about the supposed occurrence.

Rossi began by saying that she was unable to trust D’Elia had been given a role as a pedophile in the Netflix arrangement “You.” In the show, D’Elia plays Joshua “Henderson” Bunter, a comic who is covertly a youngster molester.

“Like the strict IRONY,” Rossi tweeted.

comedian Chris D’Elia accused of making advances toward 16-year-old girl

D’Elia was likewise given a role as a pedophile in a 2011 scene of “Compulsive workers,” a sitcom on Comedy Central. The scene’s title: “To Friend A Predator.”

Rossi’s screen captures seem to show messages from July 2014 and January 2015. In the messages, D’Elia requests an image of Rossi. She reacts by sending him a photograph of a panda bear.

“I’m in Tempe,” D’Elia says in a message to Rossi from 2015. “We should hang.”

Alert: Tweets contain some profanity”Do you wanna get together this evening?” Rossi answers in the trade.

“Yesss,” D’Elia says. “Would we be able to make out?”

The messages are dated Jan 1. D’Elia, who experienced childhood in Montclair before moving to California, was performing at the Tempe Improv in Tempe, Arizona that week.

“Envision being 16 and being prepped by a high quality humorist twice ur age and the main explanation you never got together and never got genuinely m*lested was on the grounds that u had quite recently gotten a sweetheart ur own age,” Rossi tweeted.

“For a very long time I thought it was humiliating for ME that I was interfacing with this more seasoned man yet he was the person who DM’d (direct informed) me on twitter and was the person who was twice my age and was the one that utilized the force irregularity between us for his potential benefit so f*** chris d’elia,” she said in a subsequent tweet.

Rossi said D’Elia knew she was in secondary school at the time since her Instagram account, which he had requested to see and later said he was following, was loaded up with “secondary school football match-ups and soul days.”

Advance Media has contacted D’Elia’s administration for input. D’Elia had not openly reacted to the claims starting at early Wednesday morning.

“I am additionally unquestionably by all account not the only underage young lady he did this as well,” Rossi proceeded. “Only a FYI.”

More claims about D’Elia, 40, surfaced on Twitter after Rossi shared the screen captures.

comedian Chris D’Elia accused of making advances toward 16-year-old girl

In one tweet, D’Elia was blamed for requesting bare photographs from minors and attempting to make lewd gestures toward a 16-year-old. In another, D’Elia was blamed for welcoming an underage fan to “nestle” with him in his lodging when he was on visit.

Rossi discussed why she needed to approach with the charges.

“For a very long time I thought this was only a clever story to tell at parties when I understood what happened isn’t ordinary and that he was could in any case be doing this to more youthful young ladies and I must state something,” she tweeted. “F*** you @chrisdelia and furthermore @netflix I profoundly question giving this wet blanket a role as a pedophile was a fortuitous event. at any rate I got the opportunity to see him counterfeit kick the bucket.”

D’Elia’s most recent parody exceptional, “Chris D’Elia: No Pain,” appeared on Netflix in April. He co-stars in Zack Snyder’s up and coming zombie film “Armed force of the Dead,” which shot in Atlantic City a year ago.

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