Shehzad Roy thinks all of Pakistan should go into lockdown to curb coronavirus

A lockdown will be forced all through Sindh and the artist bolsters the choice.Shehzad Roy took to Instagram to support the choice as indicated by him, this move ought to be made nation wide.

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah on Sunday reported that a lockdown will be forced all through the area beginning 12 PM for the following 15 days so as to control the spread of coronavirus.Shehzad Roy said about the lockdown in Sindh, “In Sindh, I have an inclination that from today around evening time, armed force, officers and police will make exacting move and if an individual is gotten outside for no substantial explanation, [they] will go to prison

Shehzad Roy thinks all of Pakistan should go into lockdown to curb coronavirus

The official will choose if the individual is out for a legitimate explanation, and if not, will be reprimanded.”

In the video he says, “As Sindh, we ought to have all of Pakistan in lockdown for a couple of days and can spare lives.”

While the most noteworthy number of affirmed Covid-19 cases are in Sindh, the infection is quickly spreading the nation over. As of now social removing and self-confinement are the best safeguard measures to straighten the bend for the coronavirus.

“I got the open door today to go to CM House, Sindh and meet the team alloted to manage coronavirus. I was glad to perceive how genuine the administration is and it truly is a major circumstance,” he composed.

Shehzad Roy further said “On my way, I could see that everybody was at Sea View sea shore like it’s New Year’s or an occasion, individuals were celebrating. We have to act like ashraful makhlookat (noblest everything being equal), this is risky. We would prefer not to freeze yet we additionally need to spare one another; we don’t need things to get so terrible that we have to go on lockdown.”

“We should rehearse social removing and attempt to contaminate minimal number of individuals; don’t go out superfluously,” he finished up.

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