Pakistani athletes taking incredible steps for humankind during coronavirus lockdown

KARACHI: The worldwide flare-up of COVID-19 has stopped games exercises far and wide, including Pakistan. Regardless of the fate and melancholy, Pakistani athletes are as yet not sitting inactive and doing as well as can be expected to help those out of luck.

The nation is as of now under a lock-somewhere around the legislature to keep away from the spread of coronavirus. The lockdown has left many influenced and such lock-down affectees are being helped by Pakistani athletes, from Karachi to Khyber.

Pakistani athletes taking incredible steps for humankind during coronavirus lockdown

Among them, unmistakable are Shahid Afridi, Aisam ul Haq, Ruman Raees, Ahmed Shahzad, Azeem Ghumman and Squash player Noorena Shams.

Shahid Afridi leads from the front

Shahid Afridi, the previous chief of Pakistan Cricket crew, arrived at Northern territories of Pakistan to help the poor individuals there under umbrella of his establishment. While Afridi was making a trip starting with one town then onto the next in remote zones of KP, individuals from his association were occupied in disseminating proportions at different territories of Pakistan.

“Pakistan has given me a ton, this is an ideal opportunity to return something back to my nation,” Afridi said while including that even in spite of lockdown somebody needed to step up and help the individuals who had to remain inside.

The previous chief and showy all rounder likewise propelled a crusade #DonateKaroNa via web-based networking media which got extraordinary reaction from individual cricketers, superstars and media people.

As per information shared by Afridi’s establishment, proportions were disseminated among in excess of 9,000 families in 45 urban areas of Pakistan during the 19 days drive.

“Alhamdulillah, I am pleased with what has been accomplished in this brief timeframe. My prime help is humankind, yet would be inconceivable without your help, which is a progressing need,” Afridi said.

“This is an ideal opportunity to help one another, help one another. One must not do legislative issues in this emergency,” Afridi included.

The Boom star has additionally offered brand and corporate a free underwriting of items in the event that they give proportion packs to penniless individuals of Pakistan during the lockdown.

Ruman Raees anxious to help

All rounder Ruman Raees, the quick bowler of Pakistan cricket crew, first wanted to help 30 families at his own, yet when he went out, he understood that there was have to accomplish more, and from that point forward he has given proportion packs to more than 4000 families.

Be that as it may, the 29 years of age says that this procedure shouldn’t stop. At any rate not before the lock-down closures and things return to typical.

“It is difficult for the individuals nowadays, uniquely for the day by day bets who are totally powerless. Ramzans are coming and we should be increasingly forceful with our endeavors to help all the penniless individuals,” Ruman told Geo.

He has additionally put his cricket memorabilia up for sale to accumulate more assets for the reason as he presently expects to give Iftar and Sehri nourishment to individuals during the heavenly month of Ramzan.

“Whatever the sum I get from the sale, I will utilize that to buy apportion sacks and nourishment for Iftar and Sehri during Ramzan to convey among the individuals of Pakistan,” he guaranteed.

Aisam ul Haq’s foundation activity

Pakistan’s Tennis expert Aisam ul Haq feels that being an individual, a Pakistani and Muslim, it is a commitment to support destitute, poor and the less-benefit one.

“I feel honored and fortunate to be in a position where I can help other people. We are going through an extreme time for us as nation. My cause “stop war, star tennis” – that fundamentally works in war-hit regions to advance tennis – had a few assets in it, so I started the crusade to convey proportion packs,” Aisam told

As indicated by Aisam, his association has circulated apportion among 1,200 families and he’s focusing to arrive at another 1,000 preceding the Ramzan.

“We need to battle this infection and the best way to do is to enable each other to out and cooperate. While our clinical staff, security authorities, media laborers are taking a shot at cutting edge, we need to fill in as backline, a spine and need to ensure that we can help and feed each family in Pakistan. I encourage individuals to continue giving towards these respectable motivations of disseminating apportion packs with the goal that we can make an appetite free Pakistan,” Aisam said.

“I have gotten analysis for posting recordings, yet I do that to propel others to do a few. Additionally, I need to tell benefactors where cash is going,” he included.

Ahmed Shahzad does his bit

Pakistan’s test cricketer Ahmed Shahzad feels that it is imperative to help Pakistan’s day by day bets are most noticeably terrible hit in this lockdown and it was essential to support every such individuals. The initial batsman said that he as a rule does noble cause quietly yet this time he needed to put photographs and recordings via web-based networking media to move other.

“We have to assemble youth for this time since I figure they can have a major impact in coming to up to the individuals out of luck. Ideally this will pass as well yet till we have to battle this together as country remaining along our administration,” Ahmed said.

Ahmad said that it was not significant for him to keep the consider of proportion sacks he is getting things done at singular premise with help of a group of volunteers and his sibling.

“I am doing my little however for the nation who has given me so much which I won’t have the option to return till my final gasp,” he closed.

In Dir, Squash player Noorena Shams goes entryway to entryway

Seeing individuals in Dir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, out of luck, the squash player Noorena Shams concluded it wouldn’t be astute to sit inactive at home and reached her companions to help individuals in the town.

The youthful competitor from piles of KP said that she connected her companions who were running a volunteer association and with their assistance she has arrived at in excess of 1000 families in Dir, Malakand and Bajur.

“Alongside apportion, we have additionally circulated clinical supplies to neighborhood emergency clinics there,” she told

“This is a war against inconspicuous and best way to take on this conflict is solidarity. Our endeavors has motivated numerous local people to help one another and I could see numerous nearby compelling began helping the network,” she featured.

Azeem Ghuman arrives at families in inside Sindh

Azeem Ghumman, who once drove preferences of Babar Azam, Ahmed Shahzad, Usman Qadir and Hammad Azam in U19 World Cup, is connecting families in inside Sindh to help them with apportion and clinical supplies.

Ghumman told that he originally began his work to help groundsmen and other staff and different laborers of Hyderabad area yet he understood that it wasn’t simply enough and there were more individuals out of luck.

“With help of my brother by marriage we began connecting families in Hyderabad and we stretched around 1700 families to circulate proportion among them,” said the previous U19 chief.

KSF bolsters families in the midst of lockdown

While the lockdown has influenced numerous day by day bets, it has additionally influenced the individuals who had their meat and potatoes associated with having sports exercises in various games communities of Karachi. With sports being completely suspended, every single such game staff are additionally battling to address their issues.

For every single such individuals, Karachi Sports Forum has showed a drive. Asif Azeem, the executive of KSF disclosed to Geo that a ton of sports individual and staff are without work due to COVID19 pandemic and for him, being a games coordinator, it was critical to help every such individuals.

“Till now we have given apportions to 400 games families at their entryway steps and we plan to arrive at another 300 preceding Ramzan. During the last stage, we will likewise appropriate Eid blessings to every single such game staff and players who are without standard acquiring during these occasions,” he finished up.

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